Multiplying Italian food

Tonight I was making some Italian food; pasta shells stuffed with ricotta cheese, a version of manicotti or cannelloni. I took out the glass dish I planned to bake them in counted out 19 pasta shells, enough to fill the container. I put on the pasta to boil, then mixed up the stuffing; ricotta cheese, eggs, spice, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

There seemed to be a lot of shells in the boiling water and, when I drained them out, I had 30 pasta shells. I made one large pan and one small miracle pan. And the ricotta cheese mixture, which was supposed to do for one pan, was enough to do the extra pan, and I didn’t skip on the filling. I covered the whole works with tomato sauce and mozzarella, and one pan is in the oven baking. The miracle pan is to give away.

I have more than enough, and enough to give away. That’s God. That’s what his children should expect. I used to make a bread recipe that said it would make four loaves, but I consistently got six huge loaves. The one to give away I called the blessing loaf. Today I have blessing Italian food. Multiplying food is ordinary. And fun.