I didn’t know I needed one

As I was walking to the bus stop from where I work in an industrial park, I found a sealed clear plastic bag with a coil of blue cable in it. The cable was on the path that I walk every day. I thought perhaps it was a phone cable, but there were only numbers on the bag, not anything identifying what the cable was or where it came from. I had no need of the cable, but carried the bag home with me because there were no trash cans between the spot where I found it and the bus stop.
A week later I bought a new laptop. The technician from the store came over to help get it set up and asked if I had an ethernet cable. He told me that registration and set up is way faster when the computer is hooked directly to the internet. At first I said no. Then I remembered the blue cable.
“Is this what you are looking for?” I asked as I held out the cable, still in the bag.
“That is exactly what I need,” he said. “You must have know you would need one.”
“I didn’t even know what this was,” I told him. “God gave it to me a week ago, before I decided to buy a laptop.”
You see, miracles happen all around us. You just have to recognize it is your loving heavenly Father taking care of you.