A Miraculous Stop

After writing Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible, real stories of miracles today, I was driving home from a work meeting on the North side. Fortunately for me, the city was just finishing a ring road so, other than the spot where they were doing wrap up on construction, the road is wide, multi-laned and fast.  As my car rounded a curve, I realized that traffic was at a standstill a head of me. I put on the brakes, knowing I had left enough room between my car and the one I was following to be able to stop.

What concerned me was the half-ton truck behind me. It had been following a little close so, as I stepped on the brakes, I was looking into the review mirror. To my horror, the driver had his head down, obviously reading or sending a text. In seconds the distance closed and I knew he was going to hit me. I had time only to call out, “Jesus.”

The rearview mirror filled with truck grill and, at the very moment his truck bumper should have hit my car, the half-ton was suddenly parked beside me to my left. The half-ton was almost touching the bumper of the car ahead of it and the truck’s back bumper was almost touching the car behind it.

The driver looked up from his phone to find he was stopped and in the other lane. His mouth was hanging open and he was obviously in shock as he stared at me. Not only did Father God keep the truck from smashing into my car, He saved the lives of the people in the vehicles beside and in front of me. And he saved the life of the truck driver.

Miracles happen today.