Miracles: Your impossible is Possible! is real stories of miracles, signs and wonders today.


Nothing is impossible

We’ve seen food multiply. Often. We’ve watched the dead come back to life. We’ve seen night time turn to daylight. With God, nothing is impossible. Absolutely nothing.

We all need miracles

Sooner or later, we all need miracles. And, more than ever, the world around us is looking for something and Someone beyond themselves.

For many church-goers, miracles are something that happened so far back in history believing in them is like believing in fairy tales. And yet they wish such a thing could be true. And people who have never set foot in church are looking for a God that will step into their lives and change things.

I have good news for you. Miracles are not something that ended with the early church 2,000 years ago. Miracles aren’t just for the church people. Miracles are for today. Miracles are for you.

Miracles: Your Impossible is Possible! is our story of the amazing things God did for us. The miracles will blow your mind. Our story will encourage you, challenge your faith down to its roots, and spur you on to things you only dreamed about. It is time you knew that absolutely nothing is impossible.

Miracles: Your Impossible is Possible! will set you on a path where the impossible becomes normal.

Now is the time  for your miracle. Now is the time for signs and wonders to follow you.

Read Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible!, real stories of miracles today, and see God in a whole new way.

Miracles will happen for you.

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